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Hospitals of Regina Foundation


The Hospitals of Regina Foundation’s revenue had doubled in five years, suggesting that a targeted major gift effort could further elevate results. While the foundation’s President & CEO, Judy Davis, knew they needed to build major gift capacity and increase annual revenue, they wanted advice on how to get started.  Says Judy: "Offord suggested that a campaign was the best way to proceed - it would create a sense of urgency and momentum, two elements necessary for success."

 Why they chose Offord

"HRF was interested in looking at different models for increasing fundraising and sustaining new levels of annual fundraising revenue," explains Judy. "The Offord Group has a reputation of success in hospital fundraising that we hoped we could tap into."

The Offord Value

"When I look back at where we were as an organization three-and-a-half years ago versus where we’re at today, it is primarily due to the advice and counsel we received from the Offord Group," says Judy. "Following an extensive operational review and donor attitude study, we were in a position to make organizational adjustments and had the evidence of donor support to move forward."


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Hospitals of Regina Foundation


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