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The Offord Group is a team of senior philanthropic consultants, each with over 20 years of management experience in helping organizations and donors achieve common goals.

A healthy charitable sector exists at the intersection of well-executed philanthropy and organizational sustainability. When donors and not-for-profits participate in authentic conversations, investments pay off, organizations succeed, and Canada gets stronger.

Conversations are the expertise of the Offord Group. We help you nurture strong leaders, design persuasive fundraising programs, foster relationships with loyal donors, and build the infrastructure and management capabilities that will sustain the communities you serve over the long term. Our understanding of the sector is unparalleled. Our understanding of your needs comes by listening to you.

We’ll learn who you are so you can better know what makes you different, and how to tell your story. We’ll help you identify and help you cultivate people who are passionate about your cause, build capacity and find your natural connections.

Talk, and listen. Start the conversation.